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Talyrond 262 Roundness and Cylindricity Measuring Instrument

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Specification Talyrond 262 Taylor Hobson Talyrond 262

The Talyrond 262 is a comprehensive roundness and cylindricity measuring instrument capable of measuring roundness, vertical and horizontal straightness, squareness, parallelism, flatness, coaxiality, cylindricity, concentricity, eccentricity, runout, harmonic and slope analysis. The Talyrond 262 is a computer controlled instrument that features three motorized axes for measurement: the worktable, radial straightness unit (RSU) and the vertical straightness unit (VSU).  Full programmability and automatic centring and levelling make the measurement of parts easy by enabling complete alignment, measurement and analysis runs. Once programmed, the Talyrond 262 can be used by all levels of operators for the measurement and analysis of complex features on parts. Contact us today to find out more!

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