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 EMI Gage Replacement Styli for Taylor-Hobson™ Roundness Instruments

EMI Gage is not in any way associated with, sponsored by, approved by, authorized by or affiliated with Taylor Hobson. EMI Gage products are  manufactured solely by EMI Gage. EMI Gage products and services are not genuine Taylor Hobson products nor are they sponsored by, authorized by or approved by Taylor Hobson.

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TH_Styli_Roundness_EMI_0.5MM_T4 TH_Styli_Roundness_EMI_1.0MM_T4
TH_Styli_Roundness_EMI_1.5MM_T4 TH_Styli_Roundness_EMI_2.0MM_T4
TH_Styli_Roundness_EMI_2.5MM_T4 TH_Styli_Roundness_EMI_3.0MM_T4
TH_Styli_Roundness_EMI_4.0MM_T4 Request Custom
Do you have a custom stylus request?

EMI Gage manufactures custom styli upon request.  Just send us a part drawing, the feature to be measured, the instrument model the stylus will be used for and EMI Gage will take care of the rest!  EMI Gage has been manufacturing custom styli and solving our customer measuring problems for over twenty years!
Don't see your stylus here?  Not to worry...we have made many styli over the years and just haven't had the time or space to fill this page with the drawings!  Just send us an e-mail with the OEM part number/instrument model and we will send you a quote with our replacement number and price - it really is that easy when you deal with EMI Gage. If you need to speak to someone, please feel free to call us and we will help you get back on track.
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*EMI Gage is not affiliated with Taylor Hobson Ltd. or any of its affiliates.  See also Terms and Conditions.

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