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Zeiss/TSKô Roundness Styli -EMI Gage Replacements

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ZeissTSK_Styli_Roundness_EM46100-C300 ZeissTSK_Styli_Roundness_EM46100-C301
ZeissTSK_Styli_Roundness_EM46100-C302 ZeissTSK_Styli_Roundness_EM46100-C303
ZeissTSK_Styli_Roundness_EM46100-C304 ZeissTSK_Styli_Roundness_EM46100-C305
ZeissTSK_Styli_Roundness_EM46100-C306 ZeissTSK_Styli_Roundness_EM46100-C307
ZeissTSK_Styli_Roundness_EM46100-C308 Request Custom
Do you have a custom stylus request?

EMI Gage manufactures custom styli upon request.  Just send us a part drawing, the feature to be measured, the instrument model the stylus will be used for and EMI Gage will take care of the rest!  EMI Gage has been manufacturing custom styli and solving our customer measuring problems for over twenty years!


*Not affiliated with Zeiss/TSK or any of its affiliates.  See also Terms and Conditions.