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Form Talysurf Series S5� 1 and 2 Laser CPO Service*

Full Refurbishment Program for Laser-Based Form Talysurf�Systems

EMI Gage is not in any way associated with, sponsored by, approved by, authorized by or affiliated with Taylor Hobson. EMI Gage products are  manufactured solely by EMI Gage. EMI Gage products and services are not genuine Taylor Hobson products nor are they sponsored by, authorized by or approved by Taylor Hobson.

Some of the finest mechanical engineering went into making Form Talysurf S5 Series� 1 or 2 surface texture and form measuring instruments.  Hand-lapped datums, custom-fit assemblies, and other manufacturing techniques made these devices capable of repeating measurements within millionths of an inch. 

Unfortunately, time takes a toll on the Form Talysurf S5 Series� 1 or 2 instruments and when the OEM no longer supports these models the instrument approaches obsolescence.  Our Form Talysurf S5 Series� 1 or 2 customers are often faced with the dilemma of replacing the gage with a new one at significant cost with little or no use of the existing instrument.

EMI Gage specializes in surface texture and form measuring instruments and carries a large inventory of spares for the same.  In addition, EMI Gage has the experience to repair and bring your surface texture and form measuring instruments back to the manufacturer�s original specifications with full functionality.  EMI Gage has a suitable and affordable solution to this problem.

Over the years we have serviced a number of instruments in the installed base and brought them back to fully functioning gages through our service capacity.

For the very reasons mentioned above, EMI Gage is proud to offer our Form Talysurf Laser S5 Series 1 and Series 2 CPO program.  The very same program we use to certify our CPO instruments for sale is applied to your current system and then backed by our 90 day CPO warranty offering our customers peace of mind at an economical price.

EMI CPO program (bring the unit back to manufacturer�s original specs) includes the following:


  • Full Inspection of Form Talysurf Series� 1 or 2 Laser System

  • Diagnosis of Problem Areas

  • Rectification of Problem Areas (parts extra*)

  • Full Cleaning of Laser Traverse Unit (Includes Datum Removal, Lapping and Inspection)

  • Alignment of Laser (laser replacement if required)

  • Overhaul of Form Talysurf Series� 1 or 2 Laser Pickup (new pivots included)

  • Full Electronic Signal Testing (Control Modules)

  • Optimize motor/drive belt

  • Full Mechanical Testing (Datum Straightness/Pickup)

  • Calibration of Form Talysurf Series� 1 or 2 System under ISO 17025

  • 90 Day EMI Gage CPO Warranty

 *In the event that additional parts are required, we will quote all work before proceeding.

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Form Talysurf S5 Signal Check

  Pictured Above: Verification of electronic signals on Form Talysurf S5 during CPO refurbishment.


"The CPO service on my S5 showed me that my gage had a lot more life than what I was thinking - worth every penny- it saved me buying a new gage!"


*Not affiliated with Taylor Hobson or any of its affiliates.  See also Terms and Conditions.