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Flick Standard - Dynamic Verification of Roundness Instruments

Modern roundness instruments are normally set up to calibrate probe amplification statically through known heights most commonly achieved through the use of gage blocks.  This static approach makes it necessary to perform a dynamic verification of the frequency response of the probing system.  The best method of verification of this dynamic verification is made through the use of a “Flick” standard. The “Flick” standard is a cylindrical artifact with a known nominally flat area.

EMI Gage produces high precision “Flick” standards that have been calibrated through our ISO/IEC 17025 certified laboratory.  These “Flick” standards are provided with a certificate that details the values of the “Flick” with respect to standard filters and tip radii combinations*.  The calibrated “Flick” allows the user to easily determine that the roundness measuring gain settings are performing correctly. 

The dynamic verification using the “Flick” standard is rapidly performed and can be implemented into daily verification protocols allowing the user to have an increased confidence that the instrument is functioning correctly.


Flick Standard
Flick Standard Analysis

EMI Gage Laboratory Flick Standard Analysis

Calibration of the Flick Standard allows for analysis of the same artefact under various conditions i.e. different filter cutoffs and stylus tip radii.  This allows the user to verify that the roundness measuring gain settings are performing correctly through a simple measurement

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