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PC Update for Form Talysurf™ and Talyrond™ Instruments

EMI Gage is not in any way associated with, sponsored by, approved by, authorized by or affiliated with Taylor Hobson. EMI Gage products are  manufactured solely by EMI Gage. EMI Gage products and services are not genuine Taylor Hobson products nor are they sponsored by, authorized by or approved by Taylor Hobson.

EMI Gage is proud to offer a PC update solution for existing DOS-based Taylor Hobson™ instruments.


Our customers have voiced their opinions regarding their aging PC’s and the inability to find reliable new replacements.   Furthermore, costly upgrade and training costs for Windows™-based systems have ruled out a low-cost solution.  EMI has therefore configured new PC’s to work with your existing Talysurf™ or Talyrond™ DOS-based systems. 


EMI’s PC update solution replaces your aging PC with a new PC complete with a one year warranty for a fraction of the OEM upgrade cost.  Now you can use your existing software and part programs on a reliable computer and rest assured knowing that the instrument will be in service for years to come.

PC Update for Taylor Hobson
Frequently Asked Questions
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What’s involved?

Just send in your existing PC/Software and EMI Gage will take care of the rest.  EMI will transfer all cards and software from the existing PC to the new one.  The new PC will be returned and can be connected to the instrument and you will be up and running.

 Will this PC work like my existing one?

Actually, the update PC should work better than your existing one.  The menus load faster and the analysis is quicker.  This is a DOS-based PC update so Windows™ functions are not available in this platform.

 How long does the update take?

For most cases the update PC is shipped out one week after receipt of your existing PC.  For extreme cases, expedited delivery is available but should be approved prior to shipping your existing PC.

 What if my instrument needs service or calibration?

EMI provides full instrument repair and calibration services.  Let us know at the time of update about your requirements and we can schedule our engineers accordingly and ensure that the instrument is repaired and calibrated accordingly.

 Who do I call if something goes wrong?

Just call EMI Gage.  We have years of experience on service and operation of these instruments so we’ll make sure that you are up and running – it is our goal to make sure that you are satisfied.

Instrument Compatibility Chart


PC Update

Form Talysurf ™ MK1


Form Talysurf  Series 1 Inductive


Form Talysurf Series 1 Laser


Form Talysurf  Series 2 Inductive


Form Talysurf  Series 2 Laser


Talyrond  250, 252, 262, 265


Talyrond  3 PC, Talyrond 73 PC


*Not affiliated withTaylor-Hobson or any of their affiliates.  See also Terms and Conditions.

Form Talysurf is a registered trademark of  Taylor Hobson

Talyrond is a registered trademark of  Taylor Hobson