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EMI Gage Quality Policy Statement

EMI Gage is committed to providing the highest standard of quality in repair, calibration and measurement services consistently and professionally. EMI Gage pursues technical excellence with a policy that enables high quality products and services.  Quality in our services is a constant effort and focus.  EMI Gage promotes a culture of 'continuous improvement' throughout the business and one of never being satisfied with the current level of quality and success in meeting the customers' needs.

EMI Gage is committed to quality, integrity and excellence in everything we do.  Our objective is to continually meet our customers' expectations through our employees' knowledge of, and implementation of our policies and procedures.

EMI Gage’s quality objectives will be reviewed to incorporate systematic processes for self-assessment, development planning, monitoring, reviewing and the sharing of best practices, on an annual basis.

EMI Gage is committed to continued compliance to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard. Our success will be measured by customer satisfaction.

How to Contact Us
Should you have other questions or concerns about our quality policy statement or our policies and procedures, please send us an e-mail.

Quality, Integrity and Excellence