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EMI Gage Surface Roughness and Roundness Stylus Repair and Manufacturing

EMI Gage is not in any way associated with, sponsored by, approved by, authorized by or affiliated with Taylor Hobson. EMI Gage products are  manufactured solely by EMI Gage. EMI Gage products and services are not genuine Taylor Hobson products nor are they sponsored by, authorized by or approved by Taylor Hobson.

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Roundness Surface
We manufacture styli for use in the Taylor Hobson Form Talysurf Series PGI, Form Talysurf Series Intra, Form Talysurf Series Inductive, Form Talysurf Series Laser S5, Form Talysurf Series Mark 1, and all Talyrond Series Instruments!

*EMI Gage is not affiliated with Taylor Hobson Ltd. or any of its affiliates.  See also Terms and Conditions.

Form Talysurf is a registered trademark of  Taylor Hobson

Talyrond is a registered trademark of  Taylor Hobson