EMIcare Field Service and Training of Roundness and Surface Roughness Instruments

EMI Gage is not in any way associated with, sponsored by, approved by, authorized by or affiliated with Taylor Hobson. EMI Gage products are  manufactured solely by EMI Gage. EMI Gage products and services are not genuine Taylor Hobson products nor are they sponsored by, authorized by or approved by Taylor Hobson.

Having years of experience working with surface roughness and roundness metrology equipment has enabled us to become experts in repair as well as applications.  When it comes to preventative maintenance, calibration or repair of surface roughness and roundness measuring instruments, EMI Gage is capable of providing you with independent ongoing support and service at reasonable rates.

Field Service Repair and Calibration for Roundness and Surface Roughness Instruments

We are aware, that a problem with inspection equipment can shut down production.  Our scheduling is flexible in order to meet emergencies quickly and still provide prompt onsite service where needed at reasonable rates.           

Surface Roughness and Roundness Instrument Stylus Repair and Manufacturing

We realize that turnaround on repairs is of the utmost importance to our customers.  It is our goal to meet any reasonable turnaround request we receive - why not try us?

We provide complete surface roughness and roundness stylus repair.  We have two, five and ten micron diamond tips in stock (special tips upon request).  Testing of diamonds and replacements.  Ruby ball tip replacements for roundness and contour styli.   Stylus repair and manufacturing is a large portion of our business and therefore stylus parts are on hand at all times.  We provide rapid turnaround of repairs and new styli - we can manufacture custom roundness and surface roughness styli for all major OEM manufacturers.

Surface roughness and roundness pickup probe repair.  EMI Gage has designed its own custom test stands providing repair capabilities for pickups (commonly referred as probes and transducers),  including Taylor Hobson Talysurf 4,5,6 and 10™*.  Taylor Hobson Form Talysurf Series™* LASER and Inductive pickups, "Talyrond"™*  and "Surtronic"™* pickups.

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We will repair traverse units, amplifiers, recorders, etc. We also specialize in repairing centring and leveling tables.  If you have a problem, we would like to help you. 

Contact Us and request us to trouble shoot your system free of charge.   

*Not affiliated with Taylor Hobson Inc. or any of its affiliates.