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EMI Calibration and Verification Services

Neither EMI Gage nor its products, replacement parts, and services, are in NO way connected with, sponsored, approved by, authorized by, genuine or affiliated with Taylor Hobson.

EMI Gage is used to following quality practices.  Through our own quality policies and procedures, we have ensured our customers with upstanding quality services since our beginning.  Many of our policies and procedures were based on ISO 9000 and Guide 25 to ensure that we delivered reliable services.
EMI Gage is proud to have conformed to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard practices even prior the standard's initial release in 1995.
We became officially certified in November 1999 through LAB (Laboratory Accreditation Bureau). Since this time, we have conformed to the standards guidelines using our best practices approach.

Our current accreditation is through PJLA (Perry Johnson Lab Accreditation, Inc.) based out of Southfield, Michigan.


EMI Offers the following services:

   Calibration of Roughness Standards for Ra (roughness average) and
Rz (maximum peak to valley height within a sampling length) parameters.
      Calibration of Roundness Standards (Flick and Hemisphere)
     Calibration in the Laboratory and at Laboratory Controlled Field Sites of
Instruments Measuring Surface Texture and Roundness - All Makes and Models
      Consultation of Roundness and Surface Texture Measuring Applications
      Third Party Correlation Studies through EMI Gage Laboratory
      Verification of Surface Texture, Form and Roundness Measuring Instruments and Practices

EMI Gage has comprehensive capabilities to calibrate all your Surface Texture, Form and Roundness measuring instruments.  Some of the brands that we calibrate are listed below:



          Kosaka Laboratory





          Taylor Hobson

          Zeiss TSK


Roundness CalibrationRoughness Calibration

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All calibrations performed at EMI Gage Laboratory are directly
traceable to standards calibrated at N.I.S.T. Laboratories.

Quality Policy Statement