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Are you looking to have some of your sample parts inspected for roughness, form, roundness or cylindricity? Do you have correlation problems with your customer/supplier? Are you qualifying a machine tool for production?  EMI Gage may have a suitable solution for your needs.  EMI Gage Lab specializes in surface texture measurement, form (profile measurement), and roundness (roundness, straightness, cylindricity, runout, harmonics etc.) metrology.  We bring our many years of knowledge and expertise to your most demanding applications and help you find the solution to your pressing problems.

Surface Texture Measurement

EMIinspect Highest Quality Part Inspection

In order to provide the highest quality service, we have focused on one method:  Tracing the peaks and valleys of a surface by contact probing in order to evaluate any variations from the desired shape.

In specializing our inspection to a single method, we have developed a broad base of highly specialized knowledge. This expertise in surface texture and form metrology allows us to add value to your part inspection needs.  We feature renowned Taylor Hobson surface texture and roundness geometry measuring systems in our laboratory. 

We have full capability of: surface roughness measurement, waviness measurement, form measurement, radius measurement, roundness measurement, straightness measurement, parallelism measurement, concentricity measurement, runout measurement, squareness measurement, cylindricity measurement, harmonics and flatness measurement. 

All calibrations performed at EMI Gage Lab are directly traceable to standards checked at N.I.S.T. Laboratories.

Cylindricity Measurement

Surface Roughness and Form Inspection with both inductive and laser drive units ensure maximum range and resolution.


Precision measurement of  Roundness, Straightness, Cylindricity, Concentricity, Eccentricity, Flatness, Squareness (Perpendicularity), Parallelism, Coaxiality, Runout and Harmonics.

EMI Laboratory Inspection Equipment

EMI Gage Laboratory Surface Texture Measurement/ Form Measurement Instruments: Taylor Hobson Form Talysurf S3C™ and the Taylor Hobson S5 Laser Form Talysurf™

Capable of measuring surface roughness, unfiltered and waviness parameters on flat as well as curved surfaces.  Part size is not usually a problem as we can bring the gage to the part if necessary. Diamond Stylus

Surface Feature/Form Size Capabilities.

Parameters calculated on samples as short as .020" (0.5mm).  Traverse length of 4.5" (120mm) allows for checking areas over entire length or portions thereof.  Radius sizes as small as .005" (0.127mm) from partial arc traces.  X-axis resolution ~ 10µinch (0.25µm).  Z-axis resolution ~ less than 1µinch (0.025µm).

Common areas of application include:

Medical -  Artificial joint surface texture and  form features. Dental R&D.  Surface texture of surgical instruments.

Food Service - Surface texture of food service equipment.  

Automotive/Aerospace/Stamping - Used extensively anywhere surface texture is a concern.  i.e. bearing race, cylinder wall, fuel injectors.  Radius measurement of internal and external partial arcs.  

Machine Tool Mfg. - Run-offs for precision manufacturing equipment. Machine qualification and process improvement.

Military - Used by the Air Force and other branches to check aircraft and defense parts.

Optics - Measurement of contact lens mold radius.  Full aspheric and conic lens analysis capabilities.

EMI Gage Laboratory Roundness Measurement Instruments: Taylor Hobson Talyrond 262™*

Taylor Hobson Talyrond 262™*

The Talyrond 262 features a high precision table and column.  This "rotating table" style gage is a fully automatic inspection system complete with automatic centering and leveling.  A "Fast Center" routine on the Talyrond 262 allows for rapid centering of pieces ensuring reduced measuring cycles.  The Talyrond 262 is capable of  measuring parts up to 110 pounds (50 Kg).   The 300mm column allows measurement of straightness, parallelism and cylindricity.  Less than 3 microinch spindle insures capability for virtually any roundness tolerance.

Capabilities: Roundness, Straightness, Cylindricity, Concentricity, Eccentricity, Flatness, Squareness (Perpendicularity), Parallelism, Coaxiality, Runout and Harmonics.

Common areas of application include:

Medical - Form or shape of artificial ball joints. 

Manufacturing - Bearing, automotive, aerospace, etc.  For checking the roundness of components.  For checking the straightness of shafts used in precision applications such as cam shaft, centrifuge, hydraulics etc. 

Machine Tool Mfg. - Any major tool maker supplying precision manufacturing equipment.  

Military - Used by the Air Force and other branches of the military to check the quality of incoming or reconditioned aircraft and defense parts.


Calibration Laboratory

The heart of our laboratory is the Liebert Challenger 3000.  This unit maintains the temperature and humidity within a very tight bandwidth.  Temperature is kept at 68ş F plus or minus 0.5 degrees F.  Humidity is kept at 30% Relative Humidity (RH).  A large HEPA filter array can hold the lab cleanliness to better than class 10,000.

We can calibrate roughness standards for Ra (roughness average) and Rz (maximum peak to valley height within a sampling length) parameters.

In addition to an excellent lab,  our people have years metrology training and experience.   Having worked on so many different applications has given us the broad base of contacts and experience necessary to solve most Surface Texture and Roundness metrology problems.

Feel free to  contact us and discuss any problem involving surface texture, profiling, or roundness.

EMI Gage 117 S Cook Street #348,  Barrington, IL 60010-5939  e-mail: lab@emigage.com

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*EMI Gage is not affiliated with Taylor Hobson Ltd., or any of its affiliates.  See also Terms and Conditions.